We will consult with you to help pick the right products that fit both budget and function.  From epoxy coatings to acid wash finishes, we are here to assure you achieve your desired results.

Concrete Prep


Quality starts with the proper preparation of your floor. Prior to applying your concrete coating we degrease, acid wash or concrete grind each floor depending on your project needs and budget.



We use only the highest quality garage epoxy floor coatings available. A minimum of two coats is applied on all floors. Epoxy flake can be custom ordered in multiple color combinations.

Epoxy Warranty


At SLP, we understand that high-quality painting is an investment. This is why all our garage and basement floor coatings come with our 5yr warranty, and all flake epoxy floor coatings come with our 10yr warranty.

Quality Basement & Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Is your garage or basement in a desperate need of a makeover? Epoxy floor coating is a perfect choice thanks to its incredible durability and trouble-free maintenance. Currently, the basement & garage epoxy floor coating is in growing demand among homeowners and contractors alike. At Straightline Painting, we offer you the best floor coating services in Summit County and premium quality you can trust. So whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, looking for a reliable basement and garage epoxy floor coating, just contact us for a free quote!

What’s Epoxy Floor Coating?

An epoxy floor coating is an extremely durable coating consisting of epoxide resin and an agent that hardens it. Mixing the resin and hardening agent causes a chemical reaction that produces an extra-durable layer. An epoxy floor coating is much more durable than the typical floor paint as it creates an extremely strong adhesive bond to the underlying concrete surface.

Basement & Garage Epoxy Floor Coating in Summit County
Epoxy Floor Coating in Summit County


Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

When compared to other traditional concrete coatings, epoxy floor coating for basements and garages has many advantages:

  • It creates a shiny high-gloss surface that works great to increase the brightness of the interior.

  • Epoxy coatings are self-leveling, delivering you a polished, extra-even finish that covers up any marks and damages your floor may have. 

  • This coating is extremely hard-wearing and durable. It’s able to withstand heavy ongoing traffic. 

  • When installed, the epoxy floor coating will be durable and easy-to-clean for years. 

  • As far as garage epoxy floor coating is resilient and very tough against impact, you don’t have to worry about dropping heavy tools or applying too much pressure to your floor.

  • Basement and garage epoxy floor coating is moisture- and stain-resistant. It’s able to withstand frequent leaks and spills in your garage. 

  • This coating withstands water penetration and oil stains. Any contaminants that fall on your epoxy floor coating can be simply wiped out with a wet cloth and some soap. 

  • Prevents wear and cracks of the existing concrete surface.

  • Effectively battles excessive moisture and mold.

  • Requires little to no maintenance. 

floor coating services
epoxy floor coating services

Why Choose Our Floor Coating Services

Straightline Painting is a Summit County-based paint and floor coating services provider. Our team of more than 40 professionals is certified to complete garage and basement epoxy floor coating jobs of any complexity using first-class coating materials and equipment. We stand for the quality of our floor coating services, providing you with a 5-year warranty for all epoxy floor coatings and a 10-year warranty for flake epoxy floor coatings. 


Applying a garage epoxy floor coating, the Straightline Painting team creates a durable floor surface that shields the floor from scratches, stains, and unwanted corrosion. Epoxy coating provides extreme chemical and stain resistance, allowing you to quickly wipe chemicals such as oil, anti-freeze, and brake fluid from the floor surface. Moreover, Straightline Painting can transform your basement or garage floor into the one that is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-clean for years.

Wide Range of Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

The right epoxy floor coating for your garage depends on the type of concrete surface you have, area of coverage, the current state of a concrete surface, and your budget. As a professional team, we offer you a wide range of epoxy floor coating systems to meet any of your specific needs. Additionally, our garage epoxy floor coating installation techniques allow you to choose from near limitless color options, flake textures, and patterns to be happy with the look of your floor coating.

A Perfect Solution For Your Basement

Stop viewing your basement as a dark, moist, and pretty uninviting place for storing the things you don’t need. In fact, your basement can serve a wide range of more useful purposes from a recreational place for kids to an extra family bonding room. The thing that you’re missing is the quality basement epoxy floor coating! This coating is durable, scratch-proof, and easy-to-clean. 


Moisture is often a severe problem for basements, and one of the major reasons we don’t actively use this space inside our house. At Straightline Painting, we offer you quality basement epoxy food coating solutions that create a particular barrier, not allowing the moisture to penetrate your basement anymore. At the same time, our basement floor coating solutions enable the floor to breathe, reducing the chances of undesired mold formation and moisture damage. 


To make your basement floor moisture and mold-proof, contact us to install Straightline Painting basement epoxy floor coating. Unlike traditional basement floor paints, our quality epoxy floor coating seals the moisture in and prevents lines and cracks from appearing. Available in a range of colors and textures, our basement floor coating solutions make your basement a cleaner, brighter, and comfier place to live in!


At Straightline Painting, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. While we work on the project, we’ll communicate with you and organize our work the way it’s most convenient for you. We always accomplish our projects promptly and provide you with a walk-through once your garage or basement floor coating is ready. By this, we make sure that you’re 100% happy with the result.

Contact Us To Get A Free Quote

At Straightline Painting, we understand that epoxy floor coating services may seem quite an investment. We always stand for the quality of the coating we provide and offer you a clear, detailed, and personalized proposal free if you’re interested in our services. Once we settle down the initial details, our epoxy coating crew will arrive at your house to survey the property and design our proposal. 

We’re proud to say that our seasoned team always provides you with an up-front and realistic price estimate so that no extra expenses wait for you in the end. Contact Straightline Painting to boost the place you live in with a reliable and durable basement or garage epoxy floor coating!











At Straightline Painting, your satisfaction is our top priority. From the initial consultation to the completion of your project, our team members keep safety, quality and schedule our top priorities.